Simulator V2.0

Welcome to the DroneBlocks Simulator! Before deploying code to a real drone, use the simulator to fine-tune and test your programming, ensuring accuracy and confidence in your commands. As a special offer, the DroneBlocks Simulator is completely free for the month of December! Take advantage of this opportunity by registering here to unlock access to our innovative learning platform.

Choose Your Environment


**JUST RELEASED** Code the smallest and most accurate drone in the market. With the DroneBlocks web app you can simulate your code and instantly connect to your Crazyflie over Bluetooth for a seamless experience. Learn more about Crazyflie here.


Our minimal environment allows you to run the DroneBlocks Simulator on any computer with a web browser and become familiar with the basics of block coding. If you're new to the simulator we encourage you to start here.


The Tundra environment allows you to fly your drone through a winter wonderland. Land your drone on the numerous helipads scattered throughout the environment. You can land in the village, near the campfire, or at several castle locations.


The DroneBlocks City Simulator provides a beautiful, low poly environment that will let you fly around and explore. Challenge yourself and land on one of the many launch pads hidden around the city. Have fun and don't forget to share your code!


Get ready to explore the red planet with your drone. This level comes accompanied by amazing STEM-filled lessons covering some very cool programming concepts, and challenges for students from flying around solar panels and pinging satellites, to making 3D cubes and inspecting a Rocket. Click here to access the lessons


Thanks to a strategic partnership with She Maps, DroneBlocks is able to offer the “Healthcare in the Himalayas” challenge! Challenge your students to deliver medical supplies to remote villages, based on real-world scenarios in Nepal. Be sure to check out the accompanying lessons and resources here.


Explore ancient Egypt through the eyes of your drone while following along on a series of exciting adventures and missions from our partners at Drone Legends. Supporting curriculum will be launched in mid December, 2022 so please stay tuned!


The Builder environment allows you to create your own drone landscape with cubes. Use grass, wood, dirt, cement and other materials to create realistic looking objects for your drone to fly around. This environment is in early phases of development and you cannot save your levels just yet! Make sure you are aware of this before spending a bunch of time building out your level :) Watch a video overview here.